Blog 8: Senioritis is Real. It’s Really Real.

Senioritis is Real. It’s Really Real.

By Saba Tshibaka, Arundel High School Senior

First off, my high school experience is probably different from a lot of other people’s experiences in high school. Since I went to different high schools that had different course loads, I finished my required courses by the end of my junior year so that the only classes I had to take my senior year were English and math. I like challenging myself so I chose to take AP Literature & Composition and AP Statistics my final year of high school.

Senioritis is real. It’s really real. Especially when you have a partial schedule (Only taking 2 classes per day as opposed to 4). Everyone has graduation on the brain and it’s easy to let life pass you by. My advice: don’t let this happen. Go to all the sporting events, home and away. Hang out with your close friends, Make memories; If you don’t do this your senior year you will regret it. Personally, I’ve gone to all of the football and basketball games my senior year, I have all the pictures and videos to prove it. I went to have a good time with my friends and to support Arundel, the school I’ll carry on my back to tell my kids and my kids kid’s about (Whether I like it or not).

My senior year… from my viewpoint it is hectic,  but at the same time its nostalgic, you spend the whole year thinking about your experiences from the last 4 years and about how you’re never going to get that back.

Life is a feeling process - Big Sean

Senior year is filled with anxiety about college and basically knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life. The point of high school is to feel around and get a sense of what you like to do, what you like to learn about, what about your day you go home to talk to your parents about. Side note: You DON’T need to know what you want to do for the rest of your life by the middle of your senior year. In actuality, you only need an answer to that for your family members - Aunts, Uncles, Cousins - everyone else – Colleges, Parents, Companies you want to work for – Understand that as a teen, you need time to figure out what you want to do, and what best prepares you for that? College!

There’s no telling if what you’re really passionate about through grade school is going to be what you want to major in as I’m taking a huge leap of faith myself and hoping that’s what I love 20 years from now. Computer science is what I’ve centered my whole school curricula around and going forward, what I see myself doing in college. I started taking programming classes as soon as I could, my sophomore year, and I never looked back.

I centered my college search around schools that excelled in my major, which I wouldn’t advise anyone that’s shaky about their major to do. I applied to a couple of different schools, definitely more than the rest of my friends. Here are the colleges I applied to: Hofstra University, University of Maryland, The George Washington University, American University, Albright College, Capitol Technology University, Florida Institute of Technology, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Thiel College, Washington & Jefferson College. While this is a lot of colleges and filling out the applications and sending my transcripts to all of them is time consuming and hassling, it was worth it knowing I had multiple fall back schools. It’s now nearing the end of January and I haven’t heard back from my top 3 choices, but guess what? It’s all good, patience is a virtue and everything that’s meant to happen will happen in the end.