Essay Contest Winner Is....

We are excited to announce the winner of our first essay contest for the 2016-2017 school year, Back to School Essay Contest, as.....

Chloe M, 6th grader from Greenbelt Middle School (GMS)! Congratulations, Chloe and a huge thank you to Mr. Cortland Jones for sharing this opportunity with GMS students.

Here is her winning essay submission:

Essay Question: What are five (5) ways that you can make this school year better than 2015-2016?

"I'm finallly a middle schooler! But, that also means I’m the youngest in the school. Some people think young and small people can’t make a difference. I don’t. I believe that anyone can make a difference if they just try. So, my goal this year is to make a change in my school and county. I can do this by creating a meet and greet club where students can make new friends, starting a peer mediation group, allowing students to go to the library after school, providing better lunch for students, and increasing the school bus quality.

My school’s boundaries include seven local schools.With students coming from all across town, it's pretty hard to get to know everyone and do it all before the next year when the following group of students come along. This would be especially hard for new students. Without any friends, middle school can be hard. For these reasons, a meet and greet club would be helpful. The club could meet once a week and be led by an available and responsible adult. We’d have ice breaker activities like the question web (when students answer questions and throw a piece or yarn to another scholar of their choice and that student answers a different question) and name that person (a game where the scholars divide into two teams and each write five facts about themselves."

Read the rest of her essay here.

Chloe has been invited to read a portion of her essay at a Black History Month event taking place at the United States Patent & Trademark Office on February 16, 2017 at 12 noon!  The event is being organized by the African-American Affinity Groups at the USPTO and the topic is The Crisis in Black Education”.