Have a College Degree but Not Using It?

Have a College Degree but Not Using It?

Ok, so you have a college degree but are not working in that respective field. You have toiled hours upon hours to achieve the degree only to end up doing something else. Don’t fret! Obtaining a college degree shows employers that you:

  • Are teachable
  • Possess the desire to learn and apply principles and processes taught in the classroom
  • Are an out of the box thinker. (During your college experience you encountered at least one real life scenario. What you learn can be applied while on the job – making your experience all the more relevant.)
  • Have proven discipline


These are all excellent qualities of an employee with great work ethic. Your degree will not only get you in the door, but it will open the door to additional opportunities and responsibilities. College may not be for everyone; however, one should seriously consider it.

Companies are forever changing in an effort remain competitive. A recent graduate brings in a fresh perspective to the workplace. This can work in your favor as you seek to create a name for yourself. Take what you have learned to change the dynamics of the business, create efficiencies, and streamline current business process. When it’s time for your annual review, you will have clear and measurable metrics by which you can confidently ask for that promotion!

Now on another note, you can always take your degree, experience, and fresh perspective and start your own business! Food for thought!


Author: Jaemellah Kemp, IT TAKES TWO, INC, Founder, CEO & President