Our Why

Our Why

In the words of Jaemellah Kemp, Founder, CEO & President…

“IT TAKES TWO, INC is a God-given vision and I am just walking in it…"

It all started when it was time to send my son to kindergarten. I had a decision to make: buy school supplies or food for the week. I was able to do both with the help of family and friends, but challenging financial decisions such as these plague many single parent households on a daily basis.

About three years ago now, God said that He was going to use me to help other single parents. He said why not issue scholarships that pay for school supplies, books, and uniforms? This could be something you leave as a legacy for your son. Immediately, I disqualified myself because I felt that I was not in a position to take on a business with everything that was already on my plate – a single mother, working fulltime, with a young man starting school in addition to pursuit of my degree. So, I sat on the vision for almost two years before I finally reached out to a lawyer friend who met with me to formulate our mission and vision. She filed all the necessary paperwork with the state and federal agencies. Within just a couple of months, February 2012, we were incorporated!

In just starting out, I didn’t have a board, vice president, secretary, treasurer – no one, but I knew it was time to move forward with the vision. I went to four women whom I could trust with this baby God entrusted me to raise. These ladies graciously accepted without question. In fact, one of them I had only known for a few months (this is just a testament of how God places people in your life without you knowing why).

Once all executive management positions were filled, I sat and thought well, what’s next? We have a game plan; we know how the scholarships will be awarded; a target audience has been identified. Where do we get the money from to pay out scholarships? This question was soon answered with a $1,000 donation from a previous co-worker who is now our Graphics Designer. This seed allowed us to award our first scholarships totaling $1,100 within just six months of inception! The inaugural year ended with a workshop discussing bullying and a poetry fundraiser to support our scholarship program.

This is just the beginning for IT TAKES TWO, INC. We are grateful for this opportunity to help relieve some of the financial burden of single parent households and to help Create Tomorrow’s Leaders Today by providing the basic necessities to excel in school. We will continue to offer workshops that address bullying, financial literacy, how to find and apply for scholarships, and interview etiquette and effective resume writing – all of which are needed along a student’s academic journey as well as his or her transition to the business world.

IT truly does TAKE TWO!!! We hope that you join in on the cause.