Summer Employment Tips

Summer Employment

Summer break is right around the corner (believe it or not). If you are at least 14 years old, you are eligible to earn money over your summer break. Many retail stores, fast food restaurants and even professional offices hire teens during the summer months. Although summer has started there are still plenty of jobs available. Here are some places you may want to research:

Fast Food Restaurants (McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, etc.)

Grocery stores (Giant, Safeway, Whole Foods, etc.)

Shopping Centers/Malls

The National Harbor, Bowie Towne Center, Reston Town Center, Tysons Corner are all areas where you may have a greater chance of finding a job due to the larger number of retailers there.

Dress to Impress

It’s never, “Just a retail job” or “just a fast food job”. It’s a JOB!!! And it’s a job you want. So, present yourself as such when interviewing for these positions. These organizations are looking for employees who will represent them and represent them well. This could be the catalyst for great things for you. Never look at an employment opportunity as anything less than what it is. Make the best of it because you never know where this opportunity could lead.

Save Your Money

Now that you’re finally making money, don’t be so quick to burn through it. Now is the time to begin a strong financial plan. Budget your money. You may not have bills right now, but I’m sure you have things you would like to purchase. Put together a plan to save the money and earn that special something. It feels so much better when you’ve earned it and said, “I did that myself”.


Some employers may ask you to submit a resume. Don’t panic. It’s not difficult at all. Microsoft Word actually has several templates you can use to create your resume. If you don’t have prior work experience, that’s ok. Just list whatever school and church or social activities in which you participate. SPELL CHECK IS YOUR FRIEND! Slow down and make sure you have no spelling or grammatical errors. Sometimes the littlest things stand out the most. Show your potential employer that you’ve taken the time to focus on this resume and impress them with it.

Happy Job Hunting!


By Andrea Jones, IT TAKES TWO, INC Secretary & Treasurer, HR Professional